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Harold Consort is fast becoming an industry leader in construction, construction services and project management. We have delivered world-class projects of various sizes. No project is too challenging or unique, too big or small. Our goal for every project is the same - build it safely, on time, on budget and with no complexities. We are knowledgeable in a broad range of respective fields of expertise. Because of the professional needs associated with project and construction management, we are uniquely positioned to meet and exceed our clients' expectations.


Our client's schedule and budget goals guide the decision-making process. All projects, regardless of scope or scale, commence with responsive analysis, followed by the use of appropriately chosen, field-proven project management techniques to ensure project delivery success. As soon as the project concept is formulated by the client, we will aid in site evaluation, planning, project programming, design concepts, construction and close-out of the project.


Our people are defined by a few basic characteristics. They have a willingness to take on challenges and explore new ideas. They have the drive to excel and the determination to perform their best. They carry out work in the safest manner possible, as demonstrated by a safety record that is unmatched in the industry. Harold Consort people are experts. With Harold Consort, you are guaranteed satisfaction. The ambience of your jobs will be marked by an elegance that is impossible to imitate. Quality will be the watchword for every of your project. We guarantee you that.


  • Pre-Construction

    Harold's pre-construction team works with the client, design team and other construction professionals to minimize construction pitfalls while building a quality project. Through pre-construction value analysis we create a complete budget, accurate schedule and clear set of priorities, thereby making the best use of your funds in terms of cost and operational efficiency from the outset.

  • General Construction

    Harold Consort has got reputation and respect in General Construction in the capital region and surrounding area. We deliver what we promise, no matter how difficult the project. Our General Construction team takes responsibility for building a project based on a design developed by an architect or engineer. We take all the risk of managing and coordinating the trade workers, subcontractors and material suppliers. This is done in order to complete the project as designed, for the agreed upon cost, and within a specified time frame. The final product, the physical building is a direct reflection on the quality of the general contractor's efforts.

  • Project Management

    Project or Construction Management is a professional service that provides clients with the highest level of control over their project. It is through this approach that the four (4) basic elements of a project, scope, time, cost, and quality can be controlled, balanced and blended to meet critical project requirements while maximizing value. Project or Management services allow the client to retain control of the project while placing the day-to-day decision-making in the capable, experienced hands of Harold's team.

  • Design-Build

    The ability to handle major design-build projects is another distinguishing characteristic of Harold Consort. We combine forces with the country's best architectural and engineering firms to execute superior projects using the design-build delivery method. Harold Consort has combined several areas of construction services to ease the building process. From architects, designers and engineers, to project managers and building consultants, everything is coordinated by our design-build team. We protect your budget by working from a cost basis at the beginning of the construction process. We join architectural design and value engineering to help you realize construction savings and benefits.


Harold Consort's expertise and services are applicable to a wide range of areas, including health, entertainment, government, homes, schools, commercial, infrastructure, sports to mention but few. We also offer research-based consultancy for each stage of the construction process, including materials testing.


■ Apartment Complex Construction and Renovation

■ High-Rise residential buildings

■ Mansions

■ Block of flats and Multifamily housing

■ Residential estates



■ Ground up construction of new locations

■ Interior renovations of existing locations

■ Shopping Centers

■ Malls

■ Plaza

■ Galleries

■ Department Stores


Office & Professional:

■ Ground up construction of new corporate offices

■ Renovations of existing offices

■ Interior build outs

■ Office complexes

■ Corporate headquarters and branches



■ Research laboratories

■ Academic facilities

■ Administrative Office

■ Residence halls

■ Sports and recreational centers

■ Libraries and technology centers



■ New ground up construction

■ Indoor parking facilities

■ Outdoor parking facilities

■ Multi level parking facilities

■ Covered parking facilities

■ Creation of new parking lots

■ Additions to existing parking lots



■ New ground up construction

■ Interior and Exterior renovations

■ Laboratories and Research Centers

■ Heath and Fitness Centers

■ Hospitals and Associated Medical Clinics

■ Pharmacies

■ Health Stations and Offices



■ Ground up construction of new locations

■ TV and Radio Houses

■ Installations

■ Theme Parks

■ Museums

■ Theatres





■ New ground-up construction

■ Interior and Exterior renovations

■ Warehouses

■ Storage facilities

■ Laboratories

■ Showrooms

■ Pre-engineered metal buildings

■ Manufacturing plants

■ Distribution centers


Hotels and Hospitality:

■ Ground up construction of new locations

■ Additions to existing facilities

■ Interior renovations of existing locations

■ High-end restaurants and Cafés

■ Banquet halls and facilities

■ Multipurpose halls


Sports & Recreation:

■ New ground up construction

■ Interior renovations and Exterior renovations

■ Stadium

■ Fitness Centers and Gymnasiums

■ Training Rooms

■ Community Centers

■ Activity Centers

■ Golf Courses

■ Parks and Recreation Centers



■ Ground up construction of new locations

■ Expansions and Additions to existing facilities

■ Interior renovations of existing locations

■ Parking lots

■ Activity Buildings

■ Administrative complex



■ Public Facilities

■ Ground up construction of new locations

■ Secretariats and Administrative Complexes

■ Government Institutions

■ Monuments

■ Multipurpose and Activity Structures

■ Administrative complex



■ Roads

■ Bridges

■ Drainage

■ Water works

■ Installations




With experienced team (engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, project managers) and good consultants at our disposal, Harold Consort has been able to stand up to various construction challenges that arise from time to time. This allows us to provide our clients with a group of highly skilled services at various levels for the duration of the project. They collaborate with other employees to do what they do best while meeting challenging deadlines and consistently producing high quality products and solutions.

  • Engr. Ransom Nwoji   |   Managing Director & Leader of Project Team

    An award winning Civil engineering graduate from the University of Nigeria , Nsukka. Ransom worked with ERIC & BELLO construction before incorporating Harold Consort. Engr. Ransom and his Construction team have been distinguished by the quality of work skills of the organization with various construction sites round the country. Also attached to this proposal are some progress pictures of some work by Harold Consort. Quality, integrity and clients satisfaction are values highly regarded by Engr. Ransom.

  • Nwabueze Nwoji   |   General Manager

    An expert in construction Project Management, Mr. N Nwoji is responsible for the coordination of all the members' organizations that make up Harold Consort. He is in charge of general administration at the highest level. Mr. Nwabueze is graduate of Banking and Finance is a seasoned administrator.

  • Engr. Cliff Ejim   |   Partner

    A seasoned civil and building and structural engineer with over 25 years experience. A former secretary, Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) and a senior partner Ove Arup and Partners, Cliff is a dependable and experienced engineer whose strong belief in quality and excellence has largely contributed to the success of Harold consort in Building and construction.

  • Chidozie Nwasokwa   |   Head, Admin & Operations

    He oversees the activities of various departments in Harold Consort. He plans the use of human resources, organize recruitment and placement of required staff, delegate tasks and responsibilities, and establish work schedules. He monitors performance and implement improvements. He ensures effective administrative service delivery and also manages quality and quantity of employee productivity. He is a graduate of University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

  • Dogara Saleh   |   Project Manager

    Having worked in the banking industry for over twelve years, He joined the company as a Project Manger. He brought with him strong project management skills. He has worked on many company projects around the country.

  • Bashiru Bukoye   |   Head, Quantity Surveyor Department

    With many years experience has been involved in many large projects. His experience extends to preparing various types of contract and tender documents and also preparing bill of quantities.

  • Nonye Ikegwuoha   |   Head, Architecture Department

    A seasoned architect, Mr. Ikegwuoha brings expert architectural skills to the table.

  • John Onyemah   |   Site Supervisor

    A graduate from the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, he has worked for the company at various locations and has acquired a great deal of experience in site supervision. He also has experience in the installation of various construction material and appliances supplied by our various vendors.


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With experienced team (engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, project managers) and good consultants at our disposal, Harold Consort has been able to stand up to various construction challenges that arise from time to time. We would be thrilled to talk with you further about your cleaning needs. Give us a call or send us an email to discover what makes us unique.





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